The slice approach shot is one of the most effective shots in tennis, but lesser used because of the speed and power of the game.
The big advantage of this shot is that the ball stays low, which allows the net player to make an aggressive volley.
Usually, the net players are using an offensive backhand slice hitting their slice approach in cross. The opponent probably isn’t expecting you to slice when you come into the net
Phuket Tennis League the Slice Shot
The key of this shot is the footwork. As can you see in the picture above featuring Sasha Zverev, his left foot steps behind his right foot as he hits. When he hits the ball, he takes that karaoke step, enabling him to stay sideways and continue to close the net.
The technique for a backhand slice approach shot is pretty similar to that of a backhand volley. The main difference is in the length of the swing. It will be a little longer than a backhand volley as the shot has to generate more pace.
With everyone using poly hybrid and more extreme grips, players can take cuts at these low balls, get more spin, get some bite and get them up over the net with pace.

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