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Make your passion come true with a league made for you. Join multiple categories based on your age and level. Play, improve and get rewarded at your own pace. Every set counts and get you closer to reach PTL Masters. Start Now
Phuket Tennis League play with a PTL Coach learning Browse our website to learn tips and find PTL Coach partner to raise your level and become a PTL Champion Get Ready Phuket Tennis League privilege Get exclusive benefits Enjoy special rates and treatments at PTL Courts and Partners everywhere around Phuket. Just show your PTL Player Card to claim it. Get My PTL Card PTL-Player-Card-right

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  • Exclusive Benefits and Special Rates
  • 12 Months of Match Making Based On Level / Age
  • Meet New Players and Compete At Your Own Pace
  • Rewards and Championships
  • Get Points: Every Set Counts
Phuket Tennis League