Questions and Concerns (FAQ)

How long is the Phuket Tennis League 2020?

The duration of the Phuket Tennis League in 2020 is 6 months, from the 1st of July until the 31st of December 2020.

Can I register in multiple categories?

Yes, a player can choose to participate in more than one category as long as the age and level requirements are respected.

What is an advanced player level?

Advanced players are amateurs playing regularly in tennis tournaments and, or professionals such as tennis club coaches and knockers.

What is a beginner and intermediate player level?
Beginners are players who have started to learn tennis within the past 2 years and are taking tennis lessons weekly to learn stroke techniques.
Intermediate players are amateur players who never or rarely participate in tennis tournaments, but are regularly taking tennis lessons to improve their game.
Can I change category along the way ?

Yes, If you realise that the category you are registered in is not for your level, just contact the PTL curator ( to change category.

In doubles, do I need to play with the same partner?

It is always recommendend to play with the same partner for better performance on a match, however the PTL ranking system is an individual one, even in the doubles category, therefore it is possible to change your doubles partner if you would like to during the league.

Can I choose where I want to play my PTL matches?

Yes, you can play your PTL matches in any courts in Phuket as long as you have agreed with your opponent(s).
We will always recommend you to go for official PTL Court Partners in priority as you are entitled to discounted rates (e.g. for court rental fees) as well as many other benefits to PTL Players only. Just show your card to the staff to claim it.

Can I play my PTL match when ever I want?

From the moment you receive the notice of your match and detailed contact of your opponent from PTL, you have 15 days to play your match.

If there is a court rental fee to pay for my PTL match, who is paying?

All courts rental fees must be split equally between the players. A list of court/club partners with a special discount for PTL players can be found at

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