PTL Terms and Conditions

Subscription Fees

The subscription fees cover for the resources required to curate your matches and activities related to Phuket Tennis League for the one or more League categories you participate in.

Each subscription fee paid to compete in minimum of one (1) category entitles for one (1) PTL Player card to be processed and sent within 3 working days from the date of submission of the registration form after purchase (total PTL Player Pass fees paid and received by PTL). Alternatively, PTL reserves the right to arrange a meeting with the newly subscribed player to hand over his PTL Player Card in person.

The PTL Player card is sent at the registrant’s or player’s residential address in Phuket via Thai Post or delivered in person, and should take 1 to 3 days maximum to arrive. Delivery timing for the card could take longer for addresses located outside Phuket. PTL is not responsible for any delay beyond these timing indications, but will try its best to liaise with Thai Post (carrier) to solve any issue.

PTL will provide all instructions to the player on how to arrange the first league match within 48 hours after completion of his registration and upon receipt of the Player’s league fees in full amount.

The subscription fees also include charges related to the handling, production and shipping of a new PTL Player Card.

The purchase of any subscription fee is applicable for participating to Phuket Tennis League in one or more categories, and within the duration specified at the time of purchase.

The Player must meet the requirements of each category he signed up for. PTL will review after new player registrations are submitted and reserves the right to decline the player from entering in the category. If it’s the case, PTL will always offer an alternative category for the Player to compete in. PTL reserves the right not to reimburse the league fees if the player does not accept the alternative(s) offered.

The purchase of any subscription fee to Phuket Tennis League and the PTL Masters entry fees (tournament) are non-reimbursable, but exception can be made at the sole discretion of the PTL’s Director or stakeholders.

An extension of your subscription or registration fees for the PTL Masters can be granted in case of “force majeure” or extraordinary events and conditions leading to the full closure of tennis courts (e.g. COVID-19 outbreak…) and/or postponed events.
The extension will be equal to the period when the player was forced not to play league matches nor participate in tournaments organised by the Phuket Tennis League.

Please send your claim directly to contact@phukettennisleague.com for such enquiry.

PTL Player Card

PTL players are entitled to claim their privileges at PTL’s Partners and Sponsors by showing their card. 

Visit https://phukettennisleague.com/ptl-partners-list/ forthe list of all PTL partners and more details regarding the PTL network and it’s benefits. It is recommended to check regularly as PTL can edit and update this list of benefits at any given time.

The privileges are strictly reserved to the player’s name mentioned in front of this card and up to validity date. Each partner of Phuket Tennis League reserves the right to proceed with identity verification by requesting an ID card, or any other documents deemed valid by the PTL Partner. The use of an expired PTL Player Pass to redeem benefits from a PTL Partner is an offense and PTL reserves the rights to claim for damages and revoke the PTL Player Pass involved in the matter.

PTL players carrying this card have read and accepted to abide by PTL’s official regulations and Code of Conduct as published on the website during their registration process.

The PTL shall not be held responsible for any of the products/services provided to the PTL Player by the PTL Partner.

PTL Regulations and Code of Conduct

Phuket Tennis League reserves all rights to terminate the subscription of a PTL player within valid term if the player has been found breaching any article of PTL’s Regulations.

Phuket Tennis League will also issue up to 3 warnings for any misconduct based on the Code of Conduct, before deciding at PTL’s sole discretion on the termination of the Player’s subscription, as well as a period of ban from registering again for the League and related competitions in future. PTL shall be authorised to also share a Player’s case of misconduct with any other Tennis Organisation if required.

PTL Privacy Policy

As this is a public league, your name will appear on generally accessible tables of results and in end of round reports.

By playing in the PTL you are authorising us to share your contact details with other members of the League and club/courts partners.

You will also gain access to the contact details of all other players which belongs to the PTL. The use of this information database (all contacts on the private ranking tables) for your own or your business’ benefit is strictly prohibited, such as promotional activities and more. PTL reserves the rights to claim for compensations and damages if a breach in our data is found.

You may use these contact details with the unique purpose of scheduling your next PTL match. Sending promotions, advertising to other players via the common group chats of the PTL, and/or in private message is strictly forbidden by the Phuket Tennis League and compensations can be claimed accordingly.

Physical Products


PTL will start shipping your order as soon as your payment is received.
We offer both international and domestic (Thailand) shipping with 2 carriers either Thai Post or Kerry Express.

Both provide tracking details with your order.
Here are the timings you can expect:
Domestic (Thailand) in Express = 1-3 days
Domestic (Thailand) in Normal Registered = 3-5 days
International = 8-15 days

Conditions that may delay the delivery:
– unable to contact customer
– unverifiable address
– areas with severe Covid-19 outbreaks
There could be 1 or 2 additional days in case of delay for delivery.

Should the receiving party of an order shipped from Phuket Tennis League (PTL) and its third parties refuse delivery and the shipment is returned to Phuket Tennis League (PTL), the ordering customer’s status will be made “suspended” pending resolution of the delivery refusal. PTL reserves the right to charge the customer with return delivery charges in this case.

In the event that a package is returned due to a customer’s error (e.g. wrong address), or if the package was not picked up in a timely manner by the customer and therefore returned to PTL, then Phuket Tennis League reserves the right to charge the shipping fee to the Customer.


Please write to us immediately in case of cancellation with your reasons at: shop@phukettennisleague.com

We do not concede with cancellations when the shipment of your order is already engaged, otherwise PTL will consider on a case by case basis if your order hasn’t been shipped yet.

Phuket Tennis League (PTL) will not “hold” orders or delay shipment of Products that have been processed. Once payment has been received, all orders must be released for shipping.

Rest assured that we will do everything we can to keep your experience PTL positive.

Refunds & Returns

We offer a 7 days return policy from the date of your purchase under the condition that the product has not been damaged or used and is intact in its original packaging.
The customer shall also cover any expenses related to shipping the product back to us.

Before doing anything, please send an email to shop@phukettennisleague.com with your order reference number and the reasons of your return so we can provide the returning address given that your request complies with our Terms and Conditions.

If the product appears to be damaged at delivery, the customer should accept delivery and before the driver leaves, note the following information:
– the delivery receipt
– the number of boxes which appear to be damaged
– take pictures to use as evidence (if possible)
Then the customer can make an appointment with the shipping company to have the damaged goods inspected by the shipping agent, and if necessary, file a claim with the shipping company.

In any case, please kindly notify our Customer Support by writing to shop@phukettennisleague.com and we will be more than happy to assist liaising with our shipping agent.

Phuket Tennis League (PTL) cannot be liable of delays or damages on the products as a result of shipping by the carrier. However, we will do everything we can to facilitate and resolve the matter with the shipping agent.

ZENFIT Products

The ZENFIT range of products are Thai FDA certified no.10-3-10453-1-0002 & 3 and consists in flavoured amino acid powder supplied by Jeunesse Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (herein, “JEUNESSE THAILAND”) a direct selling company organised under the laws of Thailand. The products and services it supplies are cosmetics, skin care goods, natural health products, and such other products or services as JEUNESSE THAILAND.

As such, Phuket Tennis League PTL (Ezeelife Asia Co., Ltd.) is solely an agent relaying the customer onto their platform to process directly with the order, purchase and delivery of the ZENFIT products.
PTL declines any responsibility associated with the sales and final distribution of the ZENFIT products on https://fitbeautywellness.jeunesseglobal.com/

For information only;
Customers can expect the following conditions from purchasing on their shop:
Shipping timings:
Bangkok = 1-2 days
Other provinces = 3-4 days
International = Non-available

There may be 1-2 additional delays in delivery if the customer can’t be contacted, address can’t be founded, or covid outbreak.
Buyer can cancel the order within 30 days but promotion order and prepaid order cannot be cancelled.
Returns and Refunds must not be over 30days. Pre-paid and Promotion order can not be refunded.

The above terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand without regard to principles of conflicts of laws.