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Welcome to PTL 2021 Grand Masters

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Congratulations for joining the PTL Grand Masters Championship Season 2021 ! You are entitled to join this prestigious tennis competition starting this weekend (29-30 January) at Thanyapura Phuket, Thailand.

This is where PTL aims to showcase the best tennis Phuket has to offer with a rewarding championship (THB 250,000 total prize pool), and in a magnificent environment where we expect the best spirit of sportsmanship and gameplay from our players.

Please read carefully this email as you will find all information regarding the format, rules, player groups, match schedule and safety measures for the PTL 2021 Grand Masters Championship.

We thank you for your trust and look forward to welcoming you !

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Program & Dates:



Rewards and Inclusions:

  • 250,000 THB total prize pool value
  • Trophies for 1st and Medals for Runners Up
  • Official jersey for each participant
  • Complimentary finger food at the Awards Ceremony
    (see event program above)
  • Complimentary water supply
  • Towels, Locker, Shower, Changing Rooms (PTL Card needed)
  • Discounted hotel rates at Thanyapura Resort & Spa
    (see special rates below)
  • Full access to the facilities throughout the event
  • 20% OFF on F&B for Thanyapura Members or 10% OFF for PTL Members throughout the event

Stay at Thanyapura Resort & Spa

Enjoy special price and full facilities near the courts:

  • Single Room with breakfast (1 person)
    2,590 THB instead of 3,594 THB
  • Double Room with breakfast (2 persons)
  • 2,890 THB instead of 4,014 THB
  • Triple Room with breakfast (3 persons)
    3,625 THB instead of 4,193 THB

    Enjoy full facilities and SHA+ certified (Swimming pool, Fitness center, Spa, Steamroom, Sauna, Massage, Yoga room…)







The categories selected for the PTL 2021 Masters Championship are:

  • Open League Singles A 
  • Open League Singles B 
  • Open League Singles C 
  • Open League Doubles 

There will be a total of 32 individual players competing for the PTL Master titles, from 12 different nationalities across continents including Thailand, Russia, Japan, USA, Canada, China, France, Italy, Germany as well as Belgium, Israel and Spain.


The championship is structured as a round-robin format, with eight Singles players and six Doubles teams divided into two groups of four and three.
The winner of each group is placed in separate semi-final brackets, with the top player/team in a group playing the runner-up in the other group, and vice versa.

We have total of 52 matches including the Semis and Grand Finals to be played on 4 international courts with Plexi-cushion surface over 2 weekends (29-30 Jan and 5-6 Feb 2022).


The top-seeded player is placed in Group A and the second-seeded player is placed in Group B.
Players seeded 4 and 5, 3 and 6, 7 and 8, are then drawn in pairs with the first drawn placed in Group A.

Match Rules:
– Each player must be present at least 30 minutes before each match and is required to register at the PTL counter with their PTL Player Card. Delays of more than 15 minutes after official match time might result in a forfeit at the discretion of the PTL.
– Brand new tennis balls ‘MaxForce’ in can of 3 will be supplied before each match
– Each player/team must proceed to take a photo in front of the backdrop holding the signboard of its group name before each match.
– Each match is to be played in the best of 2 sets with a super tie-break procedure (10 points) if both players are tied (1 set each).
– The official warm up time must not exceed 8 minutes.
– Net sticks will be used on each court so the official heights are 1.07m on the sides and 91.4cm at the center.
– Players are allowed a 90-second rest between side changes. This is extended to two (2) minutes at the end of a set, although at the first changeover of the next set the players do not get a rest.
– Footfalls will be called

Disputes and Abuses:
– All matches are self-referring basis unless PTL has assigned an Umpire.
– Players can request for the organisation staff (PTL, Thanyapura) to intervene and give the last word in order to settle the matter between players/teams. However, players/teams are expected to use courtesy and cooperation with one another. It is recommended to agree to replay the point in case of dispute, or apply the principle of “Your side, your call” to replay the disputed point. Points can be replayed at anytime.
– Players are encouraged to use the whiteboards available on the side of each court to keep track of the points to prevent miscounting.
– For more information, please refer to the PTL’s Code of Conduct


1. PTL Player Vaccination Form:
Vaccinated Players: are required to complete the form no later than Thursday 27 January at 5PM (click button below).
Please make sure to submit a photo of your vaccin certificate via the form or email: contact@phukettennisleague.com or WhatsApp: +66946674340.
Non-Vaccinated Players: are required to complete the form no later than Thursday 27 January at 5PM (click button below).
AND take Antigen Kit (ATK) test at home within 48 hours before your 1st match, then submit photo of your negative result via the form or email: contact@phukettennisleague.com or WhatsApp: +66946674340.

2. PTL 2021 Grand Masters Registration:
Each player must check and record their temperature at the registration table each day of the tournament before playing their match.

3. Respect safety rules ‘New Normal’:
– every player and public audience must come with his own mask and wear it at all times except while playing on the court. (especially when taking photos in front of the backdrop)
– every player and public audience must respect social distancing of at least 1m (especially when taking photos in front of the backdrop)
– no handshakes and wash your hands regularly or use gel available to prevent any spread or transmission.
– avoid using someone else’s sport equipments or make sure to sanitise before using.
– immediately contact organisation staff (PTL / Thanyapura) if you feel any symptoms related to COVID-19.


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