My background is from many sports plus my fitness credentials being a Masters in exercise and nutrition science. Marrying my love of sport, particularly performance in sport and an acute understanding of the various fitness demands has been and continues to be a driving passion for me.

Tennis was one of my junior sports and as an adult I have picked it up here and there, currently playing regularly here on Phuket.

My goal is in tennis terms to help you in 2 ways. One, identify your existing fitness deficiencies including any injuries you may be carrying and two, build your athleticism, strength and power to assist you to take your game to the next level and beyond.

I am 54 and am as fit as I have ever been because I do things every day to be this way. There are myths around what you need to be doing and the frequency of them around all aspects of fitness. I see professionals in many sports doing things that if I asked the trainer or coach why they are asking the athlete to do it, they probably couldn’t answer me with any level of confidence or authority.

I understand a lot about the demands of tennis plus the potential limiting factors for us all as we age and have to deal with injuries and illnesses – getting the right balance in terms of time spent versus potential outcomes is the key!

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